Would you like to spend a week this summer with the Onward for Christ team fulfilling the Great Commission ?

Where: Greeley, Colorado

When: Saturday, July 18 - Sunday, July 24, 2020

What: Tract distribution, Door-to-door witnessing, Surveys, Street Preaching, Homeless ministry, Music, Backpacking, Hiking!

Who: If you are a follower of Christ who wants to see his name glorified and the Gospel go forth, this is for you!

What You'll Need: 

1. Check the gear list on the last slide of the presentation to make sure you're prepared to stay warm and dry while we're camping.

2. Operations fee of $250 per person due on arrival in Colorado.  This helps cover the costs for camp ground rental, Air B&B rentals, and breakfast and dinner for the team.  We have worked hard to keep this as low as possible to provide maximum availability to all who will attend.

3. Lunch money!  :-) As we will likely be split while witnessing, you'll need to bring lunch money for the trip (you know you're going to want to whip into Micky Dee's, just admit it!! ) and any snacks/water you'll want along the way.


Don't worry if you have never done anything like this before, or if any of this feels way out of your comfort zone. As the body of Christ we each have unique gifts and talents, and every member is critical to the success of the mission, whether it is the person in front of the crowd preaching or the guy in the back praying. 

If you have a heart to see people transformed by Jesus, we have a place on the team for you!

For more information or to apply:

Elliot Shupe


Ben Sargent 


Onward for Christ

(540) 903-7790

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