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In the fall of 2014 I had the privilege of leading singing for 3 days at the North Carolina Shindig that was organized by some friends (Mike and Debi Pearl at from Lobelville TN.  This meeting of Christians from around the country numbered some 2500 strong.  The theme for the meeting was Worldwide Missions.  During this event I met Joshua Steele who is a full time missionary to Ukraine and the President of the European Team Outreach at 

God challenged me to make a short term mission trip the following year and I made my first missions trip as a 55 year old.  I'd been a soulwinner from the age of 20, but going to a foreign country and seeing what God had done through regular guys rocked my world.  I realized that regular guys are the guys to make an impact for the world.  Not special guys, regular guys.  And you don't have to be called - you just have to GO!

In Ukraine every year, Joshua and his full time teammate Nathan Day train young men (regular guys!) in personal evangelism, the impact of literature campaigns, street ministry and village/community outreach.  While training these young men, Ukraine is evangelized and these men are challenged to go home, impact their communities and seek the Lord to determine if God would have them go to a foreign field full time. is an extension of the vision Joshua had while he was still a teenager.  We have joined in prayer and preparation to reach the USA by establishing teams throughout the country that will faithfully go to their communities.  Additionally, there are coming future short term efforts abroad that will be available.

Our goal over the next three years is to have a team of at least two soul winners working with Onward for Christ per state.

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