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State Captain:

Isaiah and Kristy Mahlstedt


Isaiah and Kristy Mahlstedt hail from central Minnesota. They both come from large families, where both accepted Christ at a young age and were heavily involved in each family's small business. Their families attended the same church for a few years, then moved on... but God had a plan.

Isaiah went on his first international missions trip at the age of 15, and his life was never the same: he was blown away by how big God was, and how He was actively working all around the world.

A couple of years and missions trips later, Isaiah applied for CMO 2015 in Ukraine. There, in a group of all younger guys, he met a passionate, energetic, mid-fifties sailor by the name of Ben Sargent. As they worked together on the team, a mutual respect and appreciation grew, and they stayed in contact after returning to the states.

Kristy realized through the years that she loved building relationships with other young gals, and had a heart to help them realize their identity in Christ, even as she had discovered it herself.

In 2019, a few of Isaiah and Kristy's younger siblings started attending the same homeschool co-op. The two of them started bumping into each other, and a friendship slowly started to develop.

When churches closed their doors in March of 2020, they were part of a group of young people who decided to meet, fellowship, study the Bible, and worship God anyways. After a few months of late nights as a group around a camp fire, they both knew they wanted to move forward with the relationship.

On August 28th, 2020, Kristy said "Yes!" to Isaiah's question of "Will you marry me?" They tied the knot just a couple months later on November 1st.

Currently, Isaiah is the gutter operations manager of a local roofing company, and Kristy raises and sells top-notch puppies, even as they are seeking God, learning, and open to opportunities to minister wherever He may call.

Their heart’s desire is to see God’s people living full out, spreading the gospel for the glory of God.

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