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State Captain:

Kade Bloom


Hi everyone!
We are the Blooms from Gainesville Georgia!
We have an amazing Father who loves us and gave himself for us!
We love Him and want to use our lives to serve Him!

Kade believed on Jesus, that Jesus’ shed blood is the one and only payment for sin, when he was 16, and Sharon, when she was 14.


Kade, (when he was 18) heard through a friend of Ben Sargent. He met up with Ben, and they spent time doing evangelism together.
He continued doing ministry in his local area with friends and family.
In the summer of 2019 Kade went to CMO(Carpathian Mountain Outreach - ) in Ukraine.
He went back to Ukraine for 7 months in 2020. He did ministry with two missionary families, the Steeles and Days in Lviv, Ukraine, and also learned Ukrainian. After his stay there, he felt God leading him to come back to the States.

Sharon did Pro-Life ministry with her siblings in her early teen years and after high school.
She went on short term mission trips to China and Mexico.

We both grew up in godly families and where always doing different types of ministry with our families.

Sharon heard of RMO (Rocky Mountain Outreach) through friends and she and her sister went to RMO in 2020.
RMO made a big impact on her desire to use her life to reach the lost with the gospel!

In 2021 a group from both RMO and CMO where planning on doing an outreach in St.Augustine, FL.
And that’s where we met in person for the first time!
We didn’t see each other again until June at a fellowship in Ohio that Sharon’s sister and her husband put on.
Kade came to Sharon’s sisters wedding in July, and Sharon went to a fellowship Kade’s family put on in August!

Kade asked to get to Sharon on August 3rd!
We were engaged November 6th and married January 15th 2022!
That’s the short version of the story! ;)

We are enjoying life together and currently doing ministry locally here in Georgia!

If your wanting to do ministry and are in the area we’d love to have you join us!

E-mail us at:

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