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State Captain:

Elliot and Tiana Shupe


Elliot and Tiana live in the city of Greeley Colorado which is just an hour north of Denver. Elliot currently works in the family trucking company as a mechanic and an occasional over the road driver. Tiana is helping her mother start and run a cake business. Tiana and Elliot have a son Hunter born in September 2021.


They both have a desire to see lost souls believe on the Lord Jesus as their Savior. Both Elliot and Tiana grew up in Christian homes, but they did not get saved until their early twenties. Since then, their hearts and lives have been radically changed by the gospel. They are involved in street evangelism in Greeley and surrounding cities and want to help equip others to be soul winners in their own communities. 

Elliot and Tiana have been hosting RMO since 2020 and host evangelism outreaches with their local church throughout the state. 

Contact me with any questions!

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